Looking for something long-term or more regular? Enjoy professional visual services at an affordable price.



Are you an aspiring model? Do you want to learn how to build your platform?

  • Professional portraits

  • Adjustable frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.)

  • Choose between photo or video portraits

Content Creator

Are you an entrepreneur or content creator? Are you lacking the time or talent to create consistent, engaging content?

  • Video and photo content

  • Adjustable frequency

  • Create a personalized plan

Image by Yancy Min



- Basic Lightroom Edits Included

- Pick a handful of your favorites to be mastered in Photoshop
- Price varies based on client requirements

Mini Shoot


- Roughly half an hour

- Basic Lightroom Edits Included



Capture all of the special moments on your special day including a couple's shoot in your wedding attire.


Receive a cinematic movie of your special day in multiple formats for Youtube, Instagram, etc. We will involve you in the process periodically to provide feedback.

Pick Your Favorite Styles

Do you like Timeless, Moody, or Ethereal? Do you like a combination? Fill out our optional survey to communicate your preferences!

Save Money on Bundling

Engagement shoot, rehearsal dinner, wedding day, photography, videography, etc. Pay for the services you want at an affordable price!


Time-Based Pricing

Pricing is based on a transparent calculation of time spent. For bigger projects, estimations are given throughout the project. For smaller projects, an initial estimation may only be necessary.

Shooting Time

$90 is charged per hour spent shooting in-person. This must be paid after the shoot is completed before editing can start.

Editing Time

$60 is charged per hour spent editing. This is estimated and updated throughout the project as needed. For smaller projects, the client is free to withhold payment until they are satisfied with the finished project and final price. For bigger projects, a contract may be required.


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