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Living in the present moment is timeless and precious. We have chosen to share our divine tools, stories, and experiences to help other starseeds reach multidimensional embodiment. There is wisdom and truth dripping from every corner of our souls, if we choose to drop into what is real. 


​Life coach with a specialization meditation/mindfulness, breaking subconscious patterns, mind/body connection, creative entrepreneurship, manifestation, leadership, energy work, and multidimensional consciousness lifestyle.




Founder of 5D Photo

Blogger, Dancer, Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer

Streamer, Podcaster, Musician, Author coming soon...

Full Stack Software Developer, Web Designer, Business Consultant, Data Analyst, Technical Architect

Coaching Plans

Conscious coaching is only available through subscribing to a monthly plan. Each plan comes with a certain amount of credits for you to use as you please. However, the plans have been designed with an ideal use of those credits.

For online clients to book a 30 minute call every check-in.

  • Free Trial Available

  • 2 Credits / Month

  • Bi-Weekly Check-ins



For online clients to book a 1 hour phone call every check-in OR to switch between in-person sessions and 30 minute phone calls every other check-in.

  • 4 Credits / Month

  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

  • Plan Detail





For clients to book a mix of in-person sessions, phone calls, and/or learning sessions

  • 6 Credits / Month

  • Bi-Weekly Check-ins

  • Shareable



For those who are committed to completely recreating their reality. Enjoy a personalized mix of weekly sessions or share with others.

  • 10 Credits / Month

  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

  • Shareable

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