Platform Indigo

Platform Indigo was founded to create space for conscious creators to interact with the collective consciousness more effectively, creating a conscious culture shift.

platform - a raised level surface on which people or things can stand

Platform Indigo is a network of creators designed to aid in the expansion of the collective consciousness. It consists of artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, speakers, etc. As more and more people are added to the network, the value provided to the collective consciousness increases along with the value provided to those who are in the network.

If you are interested, contact us!


There are no restrictions or requirements. You are free to build your own brand.


Promote your content to an open-minded audience.


Platform Indigo promotes a holistic, zen, and entrepreneurial lifestyle. We support freelance work!


Create an impact on the world. If we believe you can help the world, we want to help you!


Create original content to be featured on Take the Present or a platform of your choice. We are looking for artists, bloggers, speakers, etc. who create compelling content


Provide guidance to people to help them on their conscious journey, and become an entrepreneur in the process.

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Generate traffic flow between an established platform and other platforms in Platform Indigo. We are looking for platforms/businesses with an established web presence that align with the goal of expanding the collective consciousness

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