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what is the present?

The present is the NOW. It is the moment that you live life in. In fact, it is every moment you have ever lived in. It is the space in which we create what we call life. It is a space of unlimited possibilities with no limits other than the limits we place upon ourselves.

It is a gift that anybody can take without expense to anyone else. It is a gift of unlimited potential. 

It is a canvas for your inner artist to create the life you wish to experience. It is the party where you have met everyone you care about. It is the the ground on which you walk..

The Present is a Gift to YOU


Crucial Concepts

Ironically, you cannot avoid being in the present. You are always in the present.

Why would anyone tell you to be in the present?

It is because we tend to forget that we are in the present. We tend to lose consciousness of the parts of our self that exist in the present. We tend to suppress our awareness of the present into our subconscious.

In actuality, we are hopelessly addicted to judging the present, suppressing our awareness of the present, and rejecting the present. These create cycles/programs/patterns that I call subconscious patterns. Therefore, when I talk about being or living in the present, I am referring to being consciously aware in the present moment.

What does it mean to be in The Present?

“What does being in the present mean to you?”

“Flowing, grooving, vibing, receiving”

“Just flowing. Being able to see the beauty and appreciate everything around you”

“Living without thinking about the past or future”

“Being in the present is the lack of dissonance where you are in harmony with yourself and your surroundings”

“Perceiving all around me without analyzing but continuing the flow of thoughts by moving onto the next thought”

“Being aware of not only you, your body, and your mind, but being aware of your environment too. You’re also conscious of each thought and how something you sensed brought you to that individual thought”

What does being in The Present mean to you?

Being in the present moment is the first step in the healing process.


You cannot work through something if you cannot be consciously aware of it in the present. This especially applies to subconscious patterns. As you read about subconscious patterns in this guide, you will realize how important it is to be fully present with your emotions.

Being in the present moment is the key to living a fulfilling life. 

People who live in the present moment find satisfaction with the simplest of things in life. If you want happiness, learn to live in the present. If you want to work through your depression or anxiety, learn to live in the present. If you want to find the love of your life, learn to live in the present. If you want to perform better in sport, school, or work, learn to live in the present.

The present moment is the most important moment of your life. 


Your entire life takes place in the present moment.

All of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, friends, family, and dreams reside in the present moment. The past is full of moments that were present at one point, and the future contains moments that will become present at one point. This does not change the overall truth; your entire life resides in the present moment.

The goal is to live in the present moment for every moment of your life.

The benefits of living in the present moment are actually endless. 

Aside from inner peace and happiness (shouldn’t that be enough?), you can expect to enjoy things such as drastically improved overall health, improved memory retention, better understanding of yourself and your thoughts and feelings, better understanding of the world, deeper connections with your environment and people in your life, easier time manifesting your dreams, increased attention and focus, increased ability to learn and grow, increased artistic creativity and innovation etc.

The beauty of it all?

Anyone and everyone can live in the present moment.

Anyone can have lasting inner peace and satisfaction.

However, it is your choice. That is why they call it the present moment. It is a gift from the universe to you. You can do whatever you want with it. You can accomplish anything, feel anything, create anything, spend your moment however you want. 

It is yours. It is your gift. It is your present.

Why should I be in The Present?

As we grow up, we create beliefs about how the present moment should be instead of accepting it as it is.

In this way, we learn to constantly reject the present moment as it is. As we do this, we lose our ability to be consciously aware in the present moment.

Most people are only in the present moment in select moments in their life.

They can probably remember those moments vividly. Can you remember the moment you won a championship? Can you remember the moment you first saw your newborn? Can you remember taking in the vast beauty of an incredible view? The way these moments feel is the exact way living in the present moment feels.

The present moment is all of those things and even more. It is a gradual process of learning what the present moment truly is.

Imagine if you could feel those amazing feelings mentioned earlier, all day, every day, for the rest of your life. Imagine if you woke up every day as if you just won a championship. Imagine if every time you hung out with friends, it was like the feeling of a reunion after years apart. Imagine if every time you slept, it was as peaceful and relaxing as a full body massage.

People who do not live in the present moment always need more.

They always need more friends, more nights out, more drugs, more likes on Instagram, more money etc. People who live in the present moment are satisfied whether or not they have external things. That is why they attain lasting inner peace. Their peace does not depend on things external to them.

Therefore, if you cannot find a way to live in the present moment, then you should not expect your future moments to be any better. If you cannot find a way to accept the present moment, then you should not expect to move forward from your past.

This behavior of always needing more is due to rejecting the present moment. Even if you were able to get all of the things you wanted, you wouldn’t be present enough with them to enjoy them.

You will learn more about how we lose our ability to be in the present moment when you read about subconscious patterns.

How can I be consciously aware in The Present?

Why is it so difficult to live in the present?

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