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Conscious Solutions For Your Company

We offer a full suite of services for any business or entrepreneur unlike anything ever packaged together before.

Software Development

We offer a full-stack development workflow. Brian is proficient in Object-Oriented Programming (C#, Java, .NET), Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React), Analytics (Python, Pandas), and Backend Development (SQL).

1. Customize Your Website

Add customized features to your website to support your specific workflow, create a unique customer experience, or connect your website to other applications.

2. Create A Mobile App

Create a unique, seamless customer experience. Modern businesses utilize a mobile app to connect directly with their customers.

3. Analytics

Discover deep insights about your target audience, customer trends, and untapped revenue streams. Anything your current software cannot show you, we can show you via analytics!

4. Compatible With Any Environment

We will work with you to determine the best technical solution for your business needs, regardless of your industry, software, experience, or budget!

Web Design


Create your own professional website! Customers and clients won't take you seriously without a website that shows your expertise.


Designed with a mobile-first approach, all websites look good regardless of which device your audience uses.


Be a part of the creative process all the way through! Create YOUR dream website!


Designed with a platform that you can manage and update on your own even after the project is over!


Comprehensive Reporting


Current software reports not adequate for your business needs? Receive custom reports tailored to your business model.

Deeper Insights


Struggling to understand the blockages in your business? Gain clarity with deeper insights from hidden patterns in your data.

Identify Key Customers


Struggling to understand your target demographic? Want to target specific customers during key phases? Receive custom lists of customers that are prone to being converted or prone to leaving.

Measure Key Metrics Over Time


Struggling to measure how well your business is doing? Track key metrics over time and compare them by perod.

Measure Engagement


Which marketing strategies are the most impactful? Which demographics respond best to your strategies? Support your marketing campaigns with data, not guesses.

Monitor Conversion Rates


Which products/services have the highest conversion rates? Which employees have the highest conversion rates?


Not only will we create a marketing plan for you based on deep insights from actual data, but we can also create the actual content as well! We offer social media management services, graphic design services, product photography, commercials, models/influencers, etc.

Product Photography

Resin Side Table


Social media algorithms value consistent video content


Set Yourself Apart


Competitive Strategy


What is your value proposition? How does your offering stand out among competitors?

Operating Model

How does your business' operating model support your value proposition? How can it be improved upon?


What about your competitive advantage is unique to your business' position and operating model? Is this advantage maintainable as you scale?

Technical Architecture


Established businesses require an interconnected technical architecture to support their many functions and user interfaces: Websites, mobile applications, web applications, business software, etc.


Modern businesses leverage data from multiple sources, combining them together effectively to generate impactful insights.


Regardless of your industry, technology is becoming increasingly more important for your business when scaling. The last thing you want is sudden growth without the infrastructure to scale along with demand.

Sample Monthly Packages

Nowadays, social media algorithms put high importance on consistency. These packages represent examples of different levels of content creation. However, personalized packages can be created for each business client.




This is the standardized plan to follow if a business wants to grow their online presence consistently by posting weekly. A professional ad can be used as a boosted ad monthly. Micro reels allow for consistent growth in organic traffic.

  • 1 Professional Ad (Boosted)

  • 3 Micro Reels (10-20s)



This package includes the minimum amount of marketing required to maintain a professional presence online. A professional ad can be boosted throughout the month with customized goals in mind. Micro reels still encourage organic traffic and growth.

  • 1 Professional Ad (Boosted)

  • 1 Micro Reel (10-20s)



This is the standardized plan to follow if a business wants to grow their online presence exponentially by posting twice a week. Two professional ads can be boosted monthly. Micro reels allows for exponential growth in organic traffic.

  • 2 Professional Ads (Boosted)

  • 6 Micro Reels (10-20s)


Competitive Strategy




Software Development

Web Design


Technical Architecture

  • Instagram
  • Twitter



Graphic Design

Social Media Management

Content Creation

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
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