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A New Dimension

It seems that I am being challenged to release all limiting beliefs. It is an exciting time, as I get to test the limits of my inner power.

I have noticed how we become dependent on logic to make sense of our world. In this way, our world resembles a robotic, logical world. It lacks magic. It lacks creativity. It lacks character.

Let me redefine logic. Many people define logic as "correct" thinking, or thinking that cannot be disputed.

However, in the programming world, we use logic to describe the rules we have created ourselves through statements. In this way, when someone codes a program differently, they are coding it with different logic. However, the logic is not necessarily incorrect. It can still achieve the intended outcome.

This creates a paradigm shift in which we now view multiple paths to the same destination to both be (potentially) logically sound.

This is huge in that the individual now understands how everyone is logically correct in their reality. Everyone's reality is simply a projection of themselves through a "filter" that contains all of the rules and beliefs of the individual. This helps us realize how ineffective it is to dismiss the views of others.

If everyone thinks that their way is "the way", nobody is actually going to consider a new way of doing things.

REMEMBER: If things are not working out, you do not necessarily need to work harder. In fact, it may be beneficial to take a step back and consider doing things a "new" way, in a new dimension of consciousness.


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