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Timeline Jumps

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

We exist in a third dimensional reality with finite outcomes. This contrasts with a fourth dimensional reality where the waves of potential/possibilities have not yet collapsed into specific outcomes yet. Rather, they exist as waves of potential. In this reality, each series of outcomes represents a timeline of events/moments that one can experience in their third dimensional reality.

In this way, there are ALWAYS a multitude of timelines available to you to experience. What dictates what timeline we will experience?

A key factor is the kind of reality you are creating now. Specifically, what are the rules/laws of the reality that you are creating? Is it based on fear? Is it based on limitation? Is it based on separation?

Most people are not aware of how little they are aware of. They may not know how many limiting beliefs they have accumulated over the years, how much they limit themselves in every waking moment with subconscious patterns running under the surface of their conscious awareness.

However, whenever people release extremely limiting beliefs, they experience a timeline jump. This means that the kind of reality that they experience radically changes from a reality extremely limited by fear-based beliefs to a reality of freedom, expansion, and unconditional love.

Experiencing timeline jumps is a big deal. It is sort of like saying goodbye to a toxic ex, only the toxic ex is the toxic part of you that keeps creating unnecessary suffering in your life.

The idea of living a completely different live often scares us. We cling to comfort in many ways, often in ways that we are normally not even aware of. This kind of clinging can be very difficult to release in order to experience a timeline jump. People often resort to extreme methods/approaches in order to accomplish this. Others can experience regular timeline jumps by simply learning how to deprogram subconscious patterns.

Regardless of how you go about this, just remember that the life that you live is likely not even close to the life that you would live if you were free of fear. Try not to mold your life around avoiding your fears. Expand your presence and awareness in every single moment, even if it seems like charging directly into your worst fears.

The reality that we currently experience as a collective contains so much suffering because we have continually limited and suppressed ourselves as a way to avoid being present with our fears. The cycles that we have created have accumulated into a kind of system that is truly oppressive. It is truly like the matrix.

You, the person reading this. Jump into the unknown. You can do it. Let go of your attachment to the illusion of comfort. Trust that everything you truly desire is only possible in a reality free of fear. Trust that as you jump, only things that are not best for you will be released. I promise you it will be worth it.






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