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All Of The Lights

Vibin' is an essential part of my lifestyle. Whether I'm listening to music or reading a book, the environment I'm looking for is cozy and homey. One of my favorite ways to create a zen and sacred space is using hue lights.

Chromotherapy, also called color light therapy, is the process of restoring balance to the body by applying color.

During rough times, I would never have thought colored lights could help me heal in a natural and organic way. Color light therapy is healing, it has helped with my mood and has improved my sleeping.

Color works through and in us, in every nerve, cell, gland and muscle. It shines in our auras and radiates upon us from the sun. Color is an active power, exerting a tremendous influence on our consciousness, soul and spirit.

What I love most about using hue lights is matching the specific color of lights to chakra meditations. For an example,

Red (Root): Brings warmth, energy and stimulation; therefore good for energy, fatigue, colds, chilly and passive people. It energizes heart and blood circulation. It energizes all organs and the senses. As I meditate on this chakra, I typically feel connected to a deep spiritual alignment to myself and all that I am.

Orange (Sacral): Energizes body. Eases digestive system discomforts. Used to treat asthma and bronchitis. Fully feeling out the Sacral chakra in my lower abdomen, has helped me accept the small blessings in life with so much gratitude.

Yellow (Solar Plexus): Increases neuromuscular tone. Purifies skin, helps with strengthening the nervous system, and has a cleansing effect. Strongly stimulates happiness, brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being. Meditating on my solar plexus has helped me with my confidence and maintain a mental balance. I like to use the affirmation, “I CAN DO THIS!”

Green (Heart): Is a cooling, sedating color, which helps reduce swelling of joints and tissues; it calms the nervous system and insomnia. Acts as a relaxant and fights depression. Regulates pituitary gland. It’s the color of the relaxed heart. Opening up my heart has easily been one of the most rewarding feelings, I continue to open up my heart to expand my perspectives and insight on myself. Only loving myself more and more.

Blue (Throat): Calms breathing and heart rate. Reduces stress and nervous tension. This color represents truth. It is also a good color for healing children and it also enhances and quiets your mind. It helps treat sleep disorders and headaches. When I meditate on my Throat chakra, I can feel myself expressing my most authentic self and feeling at complete peace.

Indigo (Third Eye): Symbolizes spirituality and higher consciousness. This color has a sedative affect, is also associated with your pituitary gland and pineal gland, which is linked to your cycles of sleeping and waking. I feel such clarity and happiness when I reach this chakra.

Violet (Crown): Promotes awareness and consciousness. The color violet is a calming color. It can help you create deep relaxation because it can help slow down your nervous energy. It is also used to raise low self-esteem. It is the color for neutralizing emotional wounds and for spiritual growth. After meditating on the Crown chakra, I feel one with all of my dreams and connected to with my higher spiritual self.

More importantly, Y O U have ALL OF THE LIGHTS in Y O U. We all shine in our own ways, which makes each and every one of us unique. Shine B R I G H T starseed!


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