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Confronting The Shadow

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

When we first confront our fears, it may feel overwhelming.

It may seem like we are surrounded by fear, surrounded by darkness.

It may seem like we are disconnected, like there is some invisible static between our mind and body.

It may seem like our awareness is entirely focused on that darkness at the expense of the beautiful colors of our reality.

Furthermore, we may encounter some kind of "entity" or awareness in that darkness. The more we have judged this entity, the more it will seem like some kind of scary monster or demon. The more we push it away, the bigger and stronger this entity will seem. This entity may seem so powerful that it feels difficult to do what you actually want to do.

However, this entity is YOU.

When we notice this presence in the darkness, our first instinct may be to push it away.

However, if you can be present with this part of yourself, something beautiful happens.

The separation fades.

The entity starts to transform. It seems to get smaller and more familiar as the distortion fades. It does not seem as dark anymore. It just seems like a sad version of you.

The separation fades.

Its power that we were afraid of becomes integrated into our own power.

The separation fades.

The dark cloud around us fades. The disconnected feeling of static fades. The beautiful colors of our reality come back into our perception. Furthermore, we start to develop clarity into what this part of our self actually was.

The separation fades.

It starts to become clear that we never needed to reject this part of our self. In fact, we just blamed it for our emotions and cut it off. As we are present with this part of our self, we can listen to its story...



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