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Living Your Dreams - Inner Vision

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

In order to open one’s mind, one only needs to stop closing one’s mind to new ideas.

We are in denial of our denial. We deny new perspectives on a daily basis, and we deny that we are in denial.

We are so good at running from ourselves. We can literally run forever.

What are you so afraid of? It is just you. You don’t have to be afraid of yourself anymore.

When we open our mind to new perspectives, we start integrating our "inner vision".

Our inner vision could be described as the vision used by your inner self. Sometimes, the inner self is referred to as the soul, the higher self, or the spirit. It does not matter what you call it. You just need to understand that this inner self transcends your entire belief system.

Therefore, in order to reconnect with this inner self, you only need to let go of your entire belief system.

This can seem like a scary idea. Why would I let go of my belief system? I have formed my entire life around it. It is why I go to school. It is why I go to work. It is why I live life.

You will find every reason to hold onto your belief system. You can use those reasons to persuade yourself that this does not apply to you, that your beliefs are not limiting.

If you do let go, the first thing you will find is all of your childhood fears. They will present themselves in an "adult" version first. As you gradually release each fear, the underlying story will present itself to you. This will reveal your inner child's wounds. If you love these wounds, they will heal.

Then, you will reawaken your inner vision. It will be like living in a completely different reality. You will find a deep, unconditional appreciation for life. You will find incredible clarity on situations that used to be clouded by illusion and/or emotion. You will find your dreams completely attainable.

You will find increasingly less differences between your dreams and reality.

It is so funny to me how we think of actual tasks, achievements, and outcomes when we think of living our dreams. However, we should not limit our dreams to those things.

Try to think about the feeling of dreaming. What is present there that is not present in your daily reality?

For most people, their dreams are simply a projection of unresolved subconscious issues. However, as you clear those, you start to experience the beauty of dreaming.

I once had a dream where I played all of my favorite sports. I was not competitive, but I tried my best. It was a blast. I actually woke up from the dream, and I immediately decided to go back to sleep to continue the dream.

The feeling I felt was freedom from competition. It was inner power, the love of the game itself. It was freedom from expectations. I did not care if I made a mistake. I enjoyed the entire experience.

Now I feel that same way in my daily life, and I am so appreciative.


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