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Interacting With Higher Dimensional Beings

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Yes, I went with the bold title.

Let's just get right into it.

In this scene, he resides in a tesseract, or a 4th dimensional space, created by 5th dimensional beings. These beings are trying to help humans by guiding him to complete a series of actions that would tell his daughter how to save the humans on their planet.

The cool part lies in how they depict the perspective of a 4th dimensional being. The father can see all moments of that room. This makes sense since a 4th dimensional space is a series of 3rd dimensional spaces. Each 3rd dimensional space is a "moment", or a 3rd dimensional version of one.

However, the father struggles to communicate higher dimensional ideas to his daughter. He resorts to witty tactics to send her messages.

This is the primary way your guides/angels/higher self will guide you in the beginning of your journey. As you begin to resolve subconscious patterns, you will be able to access your higher self directly. This is often called channeling.

When we are mindful throughout the day, we cannot help but notice patterns. I often call these subconscious patterns. However, we can also receive signs/messages in a synchronistic way.

The key to noticing these signs is to always be open to the idea that there is some deeper meaning to anything in your life. However, this does not mean that you need to assign some deeper meaning to things in your life necessarily. It just means to be open. If something stands out, let it stand out. Let it draw your attention. Ponder on it for a bit if you feel called to. If not, do not worry about it.

You will remember what you are supposed to remember.

I often refer to these supernatural experiences as synchronicities.

Literally speaking, synchronicity simply describes the tendency for things of similar frequencies to gravitate toward each other due to their waves "synchronizing". This can apply to things of high and low frequencies.

Since all matter carries an energetic vibration, synchronicity can occur in many different ways.

The key to using synchronicity to your advantage is to simply let what resonates to come to the surface. Note that resonance can apply to things like hatred and sadness too. Resonance itself does not necessarily mean that you are on the "right" path. However, it does mean that something is being emphasized, or standing out.

My advice is to pursue some kind of long-term goal/dream to help the world in some way. Make that goal extremely ambitious, and be open to changing it over time. Every morning, simply put your intention toward completing that dream. The closer that dream is to your "soul purpose", the more likely you are to manifest "help" from those who wish to create the same.

This is especially important in that it shifts your mind to be open to supernatural experiences instead of being afraid of them. Note, in order to manifest more "positive" supernatural experiences, you'll also have to open yourself up to experiencing "negative" supernatural experiences. Don't worry though. All fears of the supernatural are just a fear of your most supernatural self.

Remember to be open to receiving signs today!



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