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Lifestyle Changes

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I have recently experienced a radical lifestyle change.

I am completely self-employed. I have no schedule. The work I do is work I find fulfilling. It is work that I would want to do even if it was unpaid. This work I do generates enough income for me to support myself and the lifestyle that I desire. Essentially, I am in vacation-mode and grind-mode 24/7.

The thing is, the biggest lifestyle changes were not because of my external reality. Rather, the biggest lifestyle changes resulted from releasing limiting beliefs about how I MUST spend my time.

A Day in the Life

Every day, I wake up without an alarm. I wake up gradually and gently to the morning sunlight. I can spend however long I want in bed. I can stretch, meditate, or fall back asleep.

I start with fluids and fruit to finish my body's detox from sleep (feminine). Then I reorganize or clean my apartment (masculine). I find this to be an important aspect of creating space for myself.

Then, I find something else to eat (feminine). I run errands or clean (masculine).

After completing all of that, I am free to indulge (feminine). I let my inner child out and let them do as they please. I might play video games. I might meditate. I might stretch. I might workout. I might run errands. I might listen to music. I might cook. I might clean. I might have someone over to chill or create. I might go to the pool.

I find this to be an important aspect of the creative process. Through embracing our inner child, we are able to explore new dimensions of consciousness. We find inspiration from intimate experiences with the present moment. This is typically when I notice some kind of attachment or limiting belief. I release the attachment or limiting belief and surface the underlying feelings.

At this point, I start my grind (masculine). As I surface these feelings, I let them motivate me to confront myself. I call this "powering up". This is typically when I listen to my solar plexus playlist.

My "work" is more like art. It includes things that utilize many parts of my mind. In this way, it brings me fulfillment similar to the fulfillment one receives from creating what we typically label as art. This can be editing my website. This can be software development for a client. This can be conscious coaching. This can be writing a blog post. However, all of these things are things that I am doing for MYSELF. Therefore, I can do these things all while holding the intention to confront myself.

As I do this, anything blocking me from my goals will come to the surface fully.

This is to be expected. The moment I put my intention toward some idea, all limiting beliefs that prevent that idea from manifesting start to come to the surface. The limiting belief first surfaces as a feeling. Then, it becomes a desire. Then, it becomes a behavior. However, if I notice this happen, I can surface the underlying fear underneath the subconscious pattern. As I regularly make these kinds of connections, I can even surface the underlying fear without needing to act out my desires.

In this way, I find effortless growth in reconnecting with my multidimensional self.

Ultimately, this is the biggest lifestyle change. It did not come from quitting my 9-5 in itself. It came from releasing all of these limiting beliefs about how I MUST spend my time. Even after I quit my 9-5, I still felt trapped. I felt like I never had enough time. I felt like I needed to always be doing "something". This was my own doing. I was maintaining this belief that I had to be doing "something" because I had formed an identity around that belief. That identity was used to accomplish so much in life, and I was still attached to those accomplishments.

The biggest changes to my lifestyle were:

-My day is organized in order to optimize the way I resolve subconscious patterns. I switch off between feminine (receiving) and masculine (giving) activities throughout the day.

-There is no separation between "work" and "play". My work time is like vacation and my play time is passionate.

-There is no separation between "busy" and "free". I can always be doing something, and I am always free.

-My home is now a temple, an office, and a lounge altogether.

-Every single day is unique. There are no routines or repetitions.

-In order to be a successful creator, you must create space and resources for your inner child to create.

-I prioritize my mind/body health over "work".



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