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You are more than your accomplishments.

You are more than your failures.

Many people suffer from "perfectionism", this idea that you have to be this perfect idea of yourself or else you are unacceptable as you are. The rejection that we face from this kind of pattern can be immense. Often times, perfectionists find themselves extremely judgmental toward themselves. Their inner dialogue is full of thoughts persuading them why they cannot love themselves as they are unless they do this or that. After awhile, they may even start to avoid things they previously enjoyed out of fear of this judgment.

However, you are a multidimensional being that cannot be remotely described by your accomplishments or failures. Often times, we tell ourselves this lie, hoping that if we accomplish enough, we may finally be able to appreciate ourselves.

The truth is, unconditional appreciation is appreciation that does not depend on external accomplishments or validation. In fact, you can appreciate yourself no matter where you are or what you are going through in life.

In order to break the cycle of perfectionism, you must let go of all validation/attachments to both accomplishments AND failures. Often times, people notice how harsh they are on themselves when it comes to their failures. However, their blind spot is often their biggest accomplishments.

When you let go of your attachment to both accomplishments and failures, you will stop projecting your inner judge onto those things. Then, you will confront your inner judge directly. Your inner judge is the true source of your suffering, a kind of suffering that would remain regardless of how much you accomplished or did not accomplish.

When you can be present with your inner judge without judgment, you will see how afraid it is. If you are present with this fear, it will transform into something else.

You are more than your accomplishments.

You are more than your failures.



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