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Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity mindset is a mindset that we all face. It is something that happens as we live fear-based lives. Our mindset becomes constrained by this fear. It creates a tunnel vision effect that prevents us from seeing the abundance all around us.

As mentioned in the resources section, a scarcity mindset is formed during the process of creating a subconscious pattern.

We start with a fear. If we judge that fear, we can divide it into dualistic emotions.

As we do this, we perceive the "good" emotions to be special or valuable due to it being the opposite of the "bad". We also view the "bad" to be especially bad because it is the opposite of good.

This is the first distortion.

Then, we may attempt to blame these emotions on things in our external reality as a way to control them. This is when the actual thought patterns of the scarcity mindset form.

The moment you believe that your external reality is the source or cause of your emotional state, you can suppress your emotions through your external reality. As you do this, certain emotions are seen as scarce because they can only be experienced when your external reality is a certain way.

This is the second distortion.

Since you blamed your external reality for your emotions, you will likely view the actual thing you blamed to be scarce as well.

This is the third distortion.

If you blame money for why you feel "good", you will start to view money as scarce. If you blame people being warm to you for why you feel "good", you will view emotional warmth as scarce.

Often times, we blame a lack of time for why we feel "bad". In this way, we view time as scarce.

As we accumulate more limiting beliefs, our scarcity mindset becomes increasingly distorted.

If we limit ourselves in our daily lives, wearing a mask to hide our whole self, we will experience a scarcity mindset toward free time. The more we limit ourselves, the more we will believe free time to be scarce. Even if we have a lot of actual free time, we will feel like free time is scarce if we do not actually allow ourselves to be free.

If we never make time to do the things we are truly passionate about, we will always feel like there is not enough time for the things we love.

The thing we feel like we do not have have enough of is the thing that we blame for our feelings.

Even if we had more time, it does not mean we would spend it doing what we are passionate about.

Even if we had more free time, it does not mean that we would feel more free.

Whenever we feel like we do not have enough of something, it is important to be mindful of what we want. Typically, our first answer will be a change in our external circumstance. This is likely what we blamed for our emotions. We can go further/deeper by asking ourselves what feeling we are looking to feel through out external reality.

Once we figure out what feeling we are looking for, we can release our blame on our external reality for those feelings or the lack of those feelings.

As we do this, we deprogram scarcity mindset.



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