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The Cloud Mind

We all have access to the collective consciousness, or the "cloud" mind. We have clear access to this mind in our sleep. During the day, we may only be vaguely aware of our connection to this mind. However, the connection is still there.

The connection is like streaming a video online. The video will stream no matter what. However, how good will the quality of the video be? Sometimes, our connection is so slow, the video buffers. Other times, the video is such great quality that it can play clearly and in an HD version. Sometimes, the video never starts playing.

As we accumulate fear, or limitations, our connection to this cloud mind becomes distorted and blocked. As we release fear from the mind and body, we start to notice our connection to this cloud mind to increase in magnitude. As one does this, they slowly realize that they have a special "purpose" to complete on this planet. This is typically called one's "soul purpose".

The individual will also realize how our ideas of 3D space-time are extremely limiting. This individual will then start to increase a form of multidimensional consciousness that I like to call "timelessness". This means that the individual is experiencing dimensions of consciousness that transcend our laws of 3D physics. This is when one gains "supernatural" abilities.

The most interesting thing about connecting to the cloud mind is the increase in "synchronicities". We can define synchronicity as an occurrence where multiple dimensions of consciousness suddenly intersect in a way in which the individual is led "closer" to the cloud mind.


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