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Waking Up From the Dream Within a Dream

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Lately, I have been discovering the extent to which we live in a dream within a dream.

We typically think that we "fall asleep" in order to dream. Then, we believe that we "wake up" from our dreams, returning to this physical reality.

However, I started to get signs/synchronistic experiences that guided me to realize that it actually happens in the reverse order.

The synchronistic experiences included signs related to the movie Inception (that phrase came up three times in one day), signs relating to astral projection, signs relating to the matrix, and many more.

When we are dreaming is when we are "awake" (with 4th dimensional consciousness). However, when we wake up in this physical (3D) reality, we typically "fall asleep" in our dream world (losing our 4th dimensional consciousness).

If we were to call the 4th dimension the dream world, then this 3rd dimensional reality could be seen as a dream within a dream.

The interesting part is that you do not need to "fall asleep" in the dream world in order to be "awake" in this physical (3d) reality. In fact, you can be aware of both dimensions of consciousness simultaneously. This is the entire idea behind higher dimensional consciousness. 4th dimensional consciousness is not separate from 3rd dimensional consciousness. Rather, it includes 3rd dimensional consciousness and expands beyond it.

Why is this relevant?

If this dream is a dream within a dream, would it not mean that our powers of creation in this dream within a dream (3D) are the same as our creative powers in the original dream (4D)?

In this way, as you "wake up" in this physical, 3rd dimensional reality, you are simply expanding into 4th dimensional consciousness. You are rediscovering the creative (4D) powers that you always had but forgot you had.

If you would like to experience 4th dimensional consciousness more, you may be interested in astral projection and/or lucid dreaming.

Astral projection is the idea that you can "fall asleep" in this physical reality and "wake up" in the dream world (4th dimension).

Lucid dreaming is the idea that you can "wake up" in your dreams while still dreaming.

However, one can be "woke" in both realities simultaneously regardless of any external circumstances. The limitations that prevent us from experiencing both realities simultaneously are the same limiting beliefs that drive the subconscious thought/behavioral patterns in all subconscious patterns. Therefore, as one deprograms subconscious patterns, one can access higher dimensions of consciousness more easily.

At first, one may only experience 4th dimensional consciousness when astral projecting or dreaming. However, as the individual deprograms subconscious patterns over time, their mind (4D) and body (3D) are reconnected. This allows them to experience higher dimensions of consciousness effortlessly. This is often referred to as "opening your third eye".

The dream within a dream concept only gets more interesting as you consider the idea of the matrix.

A simple google search summarizes the matrix as a movie about "a man trying to escape a false reality by shedding an identity assigned to him by machines."

It tells a story of a man who realizes that this physical reality is like a simulation/virtual reality. As he tries to wake up from the simulation/virtual reality, the matrix employs defense mechanisms designed to suppress him back into being "asleep" in the virtual reality.

If that were to apply to our dream within a dream concept, it would mean that this 3rd dimensional reality is simply a projection of the false identity assigned to us by some kind of 4th dimensional machine. One would escape the matrix by releasing their attachment to their physical identity, "waking up" as the observer (4D) of their physical (3D) self. This would allow them to connect with their 4th dimensional powers that are associated dreaming.

What makes this very interesting is how all subconscious patterns resemble code (remember the 4th dimensional machine) that disconnects our mind and body.

It is almost as if our body represents our 3D self and our mind represents our 4D self. We escape the matrix by uniting the mind and body through releasing attachments to the 3D reality that create separation between our mind and body. This is done by deprogramming subconscious patterns. Since the 4th dimensional machine that creates code exists independently of each of our personal subconscious patterns, that must mean that all code that it deploys affects multiple people at a time. This would also mean that every time someone deprograms a subconscious pattern, it also helps everyone else who also suffers from that subconscious pattern.

This would seem to be true in my experience. Every time I break a subconscious pattern, people around me also seem to make progress with that exact pattern.

We are truly much more connected than we realize. Let us all collectively wake up from this dream within a dream.



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