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The practice of returning to the present.

The practice of being.

Why Meditate?

It is said that the majority of people are operated by their subconscious more than 95% of the time.

Imagine if you could only control 5% of the things you did, saw, thought, or felt.


We as a society are slaves to our subconscious thought patterns. We live life on auto-pilot mode, living in the past and future at the expense of our awareness in the present.


However, there is a way for us to become consciously aware of our subconscious and regain control over those parts of our mind.

Meditation is like the “reboot” button for a lot of us. It allows us to shut down the numerous tabs running in the background.

In order to resolve these tabs (subconscious thought patterns), we must be present with them. This is why we typically associate meditation with sitting cross-legged. When sitting like this, it is easy to notice any subconscious thought patterns that revolve around us wanting to do anything but sit still.

The truth is, you can meditate while doing literally anything.

You can do it while walking, showering, working out, or eating. As long as you are practicing being in the present moment, then you are technically meditating (at least my definition of it).


Meditation is very powerful for improving your life. It is the practice of being present. In this way, it is also a great way to work through subconscious patterns by being present with them. After someone learns to be present while meditating, they can work on being present in their daily lives.

What does it mean to be?

To be is to simply exist as you are.

The funny thing is that we are always existing. However, as we create unnecessary attachments to our idea of what it means to exist, we start to lose our conscious awareness of our existence in the present moment.

The first meditation you should learn is how to be without needing to do anything else. Often times, this includes a basic breathing meditation. Focusing on the breath is valuable because focusing on your breath focuses on the present. However, even focusing on the breath can be limiting, as it involves limiting your awareness through focus.

When we are simply being, we are becoming aware of the awareness that observes our three dimensional experience on this planet. This means that when we learn how to simply be, we learn how to become one with our higher/multidimensional consciousness.

When you are one with your multidimensional consciousness, you are one with the observer of your thoughts and emotions. You are one with the observer of the self.

This is the start of multidimensional consciousness.

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