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Butterfly - UMI

Updated: May 31, 2020

I hold this song close to my heart. It does not have a lot a lyrics, but you can definitely feel the depth of the words.

This song delivered a message to me that no matter where I am in life, my soul is powerful and can overcome any obstacle.

When UMI sang, "I just want to make you smile, I know that'll take a while 'cause I'm Tryin' to find myself,"spoke volumes to me. I feel like I've spent my life trying to make other people smile and happy, but I finally feel deserving of L O V E for me, from me. I am learning and exploring new parts of my mind that I find so beautiful.

"Away from it all again Away from my troubles and my sins Away from the fears inside Away from the tears I try to hide away"

Sometimes running away from our problems seems like the lighter choice or path for us at the moment, but can you imagine feeling all of your fears and crying it all out to release the attachments? Things fall apart for us to find deeper meaning, to give us access to a lost part of ourselves that needed to surface through deep grief and discomfort. Show your authentic self, don't hide your beauty.

"I just want to make you proud, but I think that I'm runnin' out of time To figure it out"

At times, we are so fixated on making people we love proud that we forget to pause and appreciate the small things in life. It can feel like we are running out of time if we spend most of our time people pleasing, living a limited life. Become the most beautiful garden for love to grow in. Take time to consider qualities you long for most and grow them in yourself.

Don't settle for less, you have all the time to figure it out. "Butterfly, butterfly Take me on your wings and fly (oh) Wish I was just like you Maybe then I'll see the light"

These lyrics hit me because there are people in my life that I aspire to be like. Instead, I stopped focusing on them, and embraced who I really am. I found my own wings and it feels metamorphic every time I spread them to fly.

What makes you want to fly? Are you the light in lives? Can you let go of everything you want to be and just be where you are now?

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