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Healer - Mick Jenkins (feat. Jean Deaux)

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This song is so wavy. Free flowing energy. I feel like I'm water while listening to this. Cold chills like i'm simmering. I remember listening to this for the first time, and thinking "wow, music is beautiful and can cure an aching heart." When I am g r o w i n g through a lot, this is one of the songs I enjoy listening to when I reflect on myself.

To me, these lyrics mean that water is an essential element to life, drinking lots of water is a form of self-love. When Mick was talking about how his pockets never being this empty and how his heart ain't never been this full, really hits. In my perspective, I would rather be doing something I love and have empty pockets, than having full pockets and being unhappy.You can definitely do something you love and have full pockets too though. It's all about that M I N D S E T.

Everyone gets so caught up in their own dreams that they rarely stop to think of anyone else. What moves you? The reality I live in and the dreams I have become one when I start to love all of me with no limits. Imagine what you could be doing with all of the energy you give people who don't want what you want.

These lyrics had me thinking about how the love I share with myself can be so beautiful at times. One moment i'm doing healing work, the next i'm laughing at myself for something silly I did. I really love the relationship I have with myself. Our relationship to ourselves and a desire to explore our inner-world is the essence of all work we do in relationship with others.

There is nothing like water. As there is nothing that can fill our voids. Water cleanses the body, healing us in every way possible. Water loves on parts us that are lacking nutrients. Flushing out toxins and waste. Just like water, love those parts of yourself that feel scared or anxious. Only you know how to soothe yourself. We are all natural healers and all of the answers we are looking for are within. Showing myself that gratitude I look for externally has helped me appreciate all of the smalls parts that come together as a master piece.

Stay wavy, baby.

Much love and appreciation,



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