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Child's Play - SZA

Updated: May 31, 2020

Whew! This song helps me decompress when I feel intense feelings. There have been times where I put this song on repeat and just listen to it over and over. SZA and Chance are two artists who have beautiful voices and souls that tend to come with good vibes.

Ripping the heads off all my Barbie dolls

Toss them to the side, get the convertibles

(Click, vroom) I like the way it rides up

Ken had it all, Skipper wanted more than

Watching from the sidelines, wish that she had it

She wish that she had it

These lyrics reminded me of my childhood. Flashbacks of playing with barbie dolls while my parents were in the other room arguing. What was it like to be a kid? Life was moving so fast when I was a child… Naturally, as I grew in my spiritual journey, memories from childhood became clearer, and old patterns would appear frequently. My inner child was calling me, asking for love and acceptance. We cannot change the past, but we can merely discover the love we have for ourselves. We did what we did what we thought was right in that moment, and damn that is something to be grateful for.

Here in your backyard, building a fantasy

Fuck reality, do you want to know, know me

Do you want to know me?

When I hear these lyrics, I think about my inner child and how I want to dig deeper to know her. This is the part where I break down into tears. For such a long time, I thought that my answers were outside of me, but they were within me the whole time.

I've been fishing for a minute, for a minnow

Only I know that a pawn is a trade

And a rookie for a castle like tuition for a final

These lyrics have so much depth to them. Chance did a really amazing job with this one. A pawn in chess is considered one of the least valuable pieces. Yet, if you manage to reach your opponent’s end of the board with it, it becomes a queen. Inside of us all is Gods and Goddesses. Once we fully embrace our authenticity there is no going back to old ways.

Memories keep playing back, all the nights we used to love

(Here in your backyard, building a fantasy)

Just wonder how I used to was, how I used to was

(Fuck reality, do you want to know, know me)

Remembering the past for me can be scary at times, but there were moments of love deep down inside. Today, I work on integrating my inner child and my adult self. This song reminds me some part of my inner child which helps me grow as an adult. No matter what the song may be there is a connection you can feel, and you can bring consciousness into it.

Here are some ways to help integrate your inner child with your adult self:

· Practice self-love and self-care

· Remain true to yourself even in conflict

· Use clear communication

· Give space to your inner child to have big feelings without shutting them down

Much love and appreciation,


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