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Female Energy - Willow Smith

Updated: May 31, 2020

Listening to “Female Energy” makes you feel as though you’re meditating somewhere above the Milky Way. This is one of my favorite songs, and I bop to it often. It’s one of those songs you just relax and V I B E to. Lyrically, the song is beautiful and contains a refreshing amount of thought and depth. It explores the process of letting your own energy manifest while learning how to let go.

I just landed in another atmosphere

I'm just floating, in a stain steel sphere

I bet you have questions, like where did I come from

I know, I come from that planet that hit Tiamat

Years ago (4x)

Sometimes it feels like no one understands me on a deeper level and that I am just an alien in multidimensional form. At first, I wanted people to understand me so badly. However, I realized I never actually cared what other people though of me. I just wanted to understand myself better, and so I did.

I do my flows and then I get so lost

Light just take my sphere to go

To the top of the pyramid let's save the world like this

Conversing with light bodies, but really they're all apart of me

Let's get the whip and go, cause I'm tired of this solar ring”

There are times I feel like saving the world and so much oneness within, and that my purpose is bigger than I could

The bolded lyrics hit me because I feel like no one can stop me from my dreams, not even myself. The ability to accept things for what they are isn’t always easy, but letting your emotions flow freely is how we learn to live in the present moment.

It's really out of my control

How you feel is not my problem

I do not want you to go, but I don't know how to stop you

Cause you gone do what you got to do

And what I do is not your problem

Just let me let me love you

Stop trying to make it complicated

At times, we project the things we want onto other people. Sometimes what we project doesn’t exist within others and only exists within ourselves. The projection keeps people trapped in a cycle until they are fed up and ready to leave. Many of us learned early on that in order to maintain love and connection, we had to sacrifice some part of us. One important underlying message is that just because two people love each other, it does not mean that they need to be together. Breaking away from something should not leave you broken. Those experiences allow for you to create something new.

Female energy is the energy of creation, after all. It is this energy that allows us to be pulled and stretched to our limits while simultaneously regenerating ourselves and producing new life.


Sending you love,


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